Catalogues that allow you to buy now and pay later

This page will explain what these catalogues are, their advantages and disadvantages, and other sub-topics such as who offers these payment plans.

What Are Buy Now, Pay Later Catalogues, Exactly?

So, what exactly are buy now, pay later catalogues? These catalogues essentially allow you to purchase things but pay the total cost later, generally in instalments. They are also known as BNPL plans. These catalogues are especially popular, and the use of these plans has expanded in recent years.

Online advertisements, which usually target younger consumers, have probably played a role in this. It is crucial to understand that many of these adverts neglect to emphasise the difficulties and risks associated with buy now, pay later catalogues. We’ll go through these drawbacks in more detail later in the article.

The vast majority of catalogues provide a buy now, pay later option. The vast majority of users will be able to obtain a BNPL plan. It will, however, be determined by the catalogue as well as other factors such as the applicant’s credit rating. You may be unable to take advantage of several buy now, pay later catalogues if you have a bad credit rating or no credit history.

What Is the Method for Using Buy Now, Pay Later Catalogues?

So, let’s have a look at how these payment plans actually work. We’ll look at things like what kind of form you might need to fill out and how much overall interest you might have in this part. A buy now, pay later catalogue demands the entire purchase price plus interest to be paid at a later date or days.

While many services allow you to pay the complete cost in instalments, several catalogues allow you to pay the total amount as a single set payment but at a later date.

Typically, this will be between a fortnight and one month after the purchase, though payment might be deferred for up to six to twelve months depending on the provider.

Before you may be approved and accepted for a purchase now, pay later option, a credit check is normally required, and you must complete out an online form. This form will ask you a series of questions and will very definitely include a credit check. Certain catalogues allow you to buy now and pay later with no credit checks, although they are less common.

The interest is in the form of a sample APR, which normally varies between 25% and 40%.

As a result, a buy now, pay later catalogue is great if you anticipate being able to make small payments on a regular basis or having considerably more money to spare several months from now (or when the price is due) than you do now.

A BNPL plan is not suitable for everyone due to the increased interest and either an overall payment due all at once at a later date or regular small payments. Before using this type of catalogue, you should really consider how certain you are in your future finances.

Benefits of Buy Now, Pay Later

BNPL plans have a lot of benefits and drawbacks. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages.

Offers Complete Convenience

One of their primary advantages is the ease of purchase now, pay later catalogues UK. They allow you to save money in the short term while still paying your bills in the long run.

Spread the cost across a few weeks or months

As previously said, you may usually spread the cost of these catalogues across several weeks or months. If you don’t have much cash to spare right now but have a stable income with enough to spare in the long run (after interest), a spread out payment catalogue could be ideal for you!

Allows you to spend your money on whatever you want before payday

Finally, a buy now, pay later catalogue allows you to make a purchase or a series of transactions without having to pay anything up front. In some cases, you will not only be able to benefit from making payments over a longer period of time or all at once at a later point, but you will also be able to postpone any charges for up to twelve months.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Buy Now, Pay Later Catalogues

There are, of course, some disadvantages to BNPL plans that you should be aware of. Let’s have a look at some of the drawbacks.

Interest is charged on late payments

If you fail to make a payment on a number of buy now, pay later catalogues, you will be penalised with additional interest on top of the set indicative APR. Make sure you can afford these payments on a consistent basis and that your chosen payment method is correctly set up before making a purchase with this sort of payment plan.

Your credit score may suffer as a result

There is also the possibility that if you do not make your payments on time, your credit score will decrease. These catalogues, however, may have an impact on your credit score because they are a sort of credit.

That means you could be making all of your payments on time and still have your credit score decreased, but this is unlikely.

It truly depends on a number of factors, including how you use these catalogues and how much debt you accumulate. Overall, it’s vital to be attentive when it comes to purchase now, pay later catalogues.

There will still be some buy now, pay later catalogues accessible with no credit checks, but bad credit should be avoided as much as possible because it may bring problems in many aspects of life.

Acceptance is not extended to all

While your BNPL plan application is likely to be granted, there are no guarantees. Having no or little credit history can diminish your chances of success, and even if you do succeed, you may not be given as much credit as you would like, and your purchasing options may be limited.

This can lead to more significant financial troubles

While it is unlikely, there is a possibility that unpaid debt will be turned over to debt collectors if not paid. If you fail to make a single payment, this is not the first step a catalogue should take (usually they will simply add extra interest).

Even yet, if you’re really struggling to make ends meet, there’s always the risk of debt and unpaid debt piling up and becoming a bigger problem over time. So, if you are worried about your ability to purchase these catalogues, it is best to avoid them until you are more confident about your financial situation.

Budgeting is also important since it allows you to make some purchases with a BNPL option without accruing too much debt too quickly if you believe that utilising these catalogues to some extent is safe.

Who Offers Buy Now, Pay Later Plans?

Many stores and businesses offer BNPL plans. In this part, we’ll look at a few popular cases. ClearPay, Klarna, Laybuy, Splitit, and My Argos Card are some of the top UK providers of buy now, pay later catalogues. These service providers typically publish a list of stores that are eligible for their services.

These retailers include Simply Be, JDWilliams, BooHoo, ASOS, Home Essentials, Jacamo, and John Greed, to name a few. Most catalogues allow you to purchase now and pay later. These payment methods are also very common. Clothing catalogues that allow you to buy now and pay later are quite popular.

Is it feasible to use Buy Now, Pay Later even if you have bad credit?

When applying for a BNPL service, you may be concerned if you have poor credit. We’ll now look at how you might use these tactics in this situation. Finally, the provider and your credit score will play a role.

Some providers may be more severe than others, but in general, when applying for these catalogues, a credit check is required, therefore your credit score is vital.

However, there are certain spread out payment catalogues that are appropriate for those with bad credit, so you will have options in any scenario.

Considerations to Make Before Taking Out a Buy Now, Pay Later Loan

After studying what buy now, pay later catalogues have to offer and weighing their advantages and disadvantages, you may decide that a BNPL plan is best for you right now. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind first.
Look for Additional Benefits

Because some BNPL services are more favourable than others, you should undertake appropriate research first. This will assist you in selecting the catalogues that offer the greatest benefits as well as those that are more suitable for you.

As part of a special deal, some catalogues, for example, provide free delivery or a discount of X percent or X amount of pounds off the overall cost.

Are You Choosing the Best Short-Term Savings Strategy?

Remember that there are alternative ways to save money in the short term. For example, if you have a credit card, purchasing things on credit may be a simpler and ultimately less expensive option.

You could alternatively take out a small loan, which would be less expensive if the interest rate was lower than the APR associated with the BNPL plan.

Most loan interest rates are about 10%, which is significantly lower than the 25-40% range offered by most BNPL services.

Obviously, you must consider how using a credit card or a loan may affect your credit report, as well as whether the inconvenience required is reasonable in comparison to using a buy now, pay later catalogue.

Overall, it’s vital that you explore a number of aspects before deciding which of these alternate options is a better fit for you.

Purchase Necessity

Most buy now, pay later catalogues require a minimum purchase value. In most cases, this amounts to around £50. You may, however, be able to find catalogues that allow you to buy anything for as little as £10 and then pay the entire amount plus interest at a later date.

Maintain a Record of Your Payments

You should keep a record of your BNPL purchases. Failure to do so may result in you being ignorant of how much you owe, when funds will be deducted from your accounts, and when you will have paid off all debt owed as a result of these catalogues.

Simply make a note of each payment and its associated details somewhere, copy/back up the file, and you’ll be able to keep track of your buy now, pay later spending!


We explored what buy now, pay later catalogues are, their benefits and downsides, and other sub-topics such as whether you can receive a BNPL service if you have bad credit in this post.

We’ve looked at how these can be used to save money in the short term, but we’ve also looked at how interest will cost you more in the long run.

Before making a catalogue purchase, as with any other payment plan, you must weigh the numerous considerations, benefits, and drawbacks. Now that you’ve been educated, and if you believe that a buy now, pay later catalogue is a good option for you, it’s time to find one that’s appropriate for you!


How can you apply for a catalogue where you can buy now and pay later?

You can apply through store websites for those who offer a buy now, pay later option, or you can apply through a BNPL service and then choose an acceptable store/company from the list provided by the service. You will next be asked to fill out a form, which will usually include a credit check.

Is buying now and paying later a wise idea?

It really depends on your current financial situation as well as your medium to long-term expectations. If you don’t have much money right now but can manage smaller weekly or monthly payments in the future, you should look into buy now, pay later catalogues.

However, you should consider whether a credit card or a loan would be a more convenient and cost-effective option for you in the long term.

How often do you have to pay while using a buy now, pay later catalogue?

Most BNPL services can be paid for on a weekly or monthly basis. You may be able to pay the complete amount in one single sum several weeks or months after completing a transaction in some cases.

How much interest is there on a buy-now, pay-later catalogue?

The most of the time, when it comes to a buy now, pay later catalogue, you’ll be looking at an interest rate of between 25% and 40%.

Will a purchase now, pay later catalogue affect your credit score?

It is possible, especially if you do not make any payments.